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  Information about the cody kites


It is not known why or when Cody first became interested in kite flying. The stories of Cody being taught to fly kites by the Chinese cook on the cattle trail, must I think, be treated with caution. The first reference found, so far, to his experiments in England is at a kite exhibition held in Carlisle in April 1899, where he flew kites ‘of immense size and square shaped, sent up in tandem fashion one after another on strong steel piano wire. The third or fourth kite had a seat slung from it in which a man sa

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  Geflügelter Drachen von S.F. Cody (ca. 1903)


Dieser Drachen ist einer von Codys Drachen, die nicht so bekannt geworden sind. In der Literatur ist er meines Wissens vorher noch nie erwähnt worden. Um so größer war der Reiz, diesen Drachen einmal am Himmel in natura zu sehen. Die Abmaße des vorliegenden Plans entsprechen in etwa der halben Original-Größe.


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 Cody kite


All measurements on the diagrams are excluding seams and describe the situation after sewing all parts together. You have to add 2 cm to the upper and lower edges of the side and central panels, which are drawn separately. If you want to build the kite, it would be best to perform a sanity-check on all measurements. The following drawings describe the completed kite.