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4 lines kites





 Quadline kite


This plan is for a 3D effect quadline kite, total width of this kite is 1 Metre as i'm building a small version first to test out how well this kite will work, to be followed by a 2metre wide version. I havent cut cloth on this design yet,



These plans are published with the permission of Charlie M’Clary to share his design with amateur builders. Besides appearance, the Apocalypse is an unusual kite for having a drum-tight sail, a central stabilizing keel and no straight spars

  De Revolution



  l Revolution Cadet


Il Revolution Cadet è un aquilone quattrocavi molto maneggevole nonostante le sue piccole dimensioni. Veloce quando serve e preciso più di un Rev. 2 offre un'ampia gamma di venti ed è virtualmente indistruttibile

  Revolution Shockwave


Este plano está basado en el Shokwave de la línea Speed de la conocida fabrica Revolution.


Esta cometa, como todas las de Revolution es de 4 hilos, es recomendado para pilotos experimentados en el vuelo con 4 hilos debido a la velocidad y tracción que desarrolla y lo sensible y preciso de su conducción.